maandag 29 augustus 2016

Philips VG-8020

The VG8020 is one of the few computers released by Philips in the MSX line. This unit came as console only, so no cables or peripherals. Fortunately it has an internal RF-modulator and a built-in power supply so a 220VAC power cord and a standard TV-set is all that is needed for basic operation.

Video connection.

Since using the RF output is not an option (I do not have a TV set...) we'll need a cable to connect the video output to the video monitor, or even better, to the GBS8200 video converter card.
The connections are shown in the user guide:

Very good resource for all things MSX: the MSX Info Pages by Hans Otten
Price [Original] €25,- [€455,-]
Processor Zilog Z80 @ 3.58MHz
Programming Microsoft MSX Basic V1.0
Why ? I really wanted at least one Philips product in my collection, to remember the good old days when they were still the main producer of quality consumer electronics.

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