zondag 14 mei 2017

ZX Spectrum+

Following the highly successful Spectrum was the Spectrum+. Basically exactly the same machine but slightly bigger and with a better keyboard.  The Advert on Youtube shows it all.
As with the original Spectrum this one needs the composite video modification to be useful. Easy, since the internal electronics are exactly the same. This time I thought I'd be extra careful, and not damage the keyboard flat-cable as happened with the ZX-81 and Spectrum. So I opened the housing very gently, moved the keyboard part only just as far as required to reach the video section, and avoided touching the cables.
Yet, while looking at the cables I noticed that the top and bottom plastic layer seems detached from the middle one, which carries the conductive traces.Still, they looked undamaged when I closed the housing after installing the composite video mod. 
And..No Luck... The letters B, G and T (all in the same vertical column) do not work. So this proves again that it is just not possible to work on these units without damaging the keyboard. So I'll have to order a new membrane, again from RWAP.

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